The Aunt Polly and Uncle Pete dolls that I purchased are so worth the investment. They are beautifully crafted with many special features, a tribute to aging in their own right! As a gerontologist at a medical school, having props that reflect optimal aging are important. By nature of the dolls’ outfits alone, they represent older adults who are engaged in socializing (Sunday best outfit), gardening and physical activities (work clothes), and, of course, rest at night (bed clothes) – all very healthy behaviors for adults of all ages. The students’ reactions to these dolls are positive and inquisitive plus they always stir instructive stories about aging. These responses in and of themselves aid our quest to challenge the primarily negative stereotypes of aging that our society is challenged to release!”
~ Marilyn Gugliucci, Ph.D.
Professor and Director for Geriatrics Education and Research
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

These older dolls are perfect for use in stimulating memories and in therapeutic situations calling for calming. They are very helpful in situations where you may want age-appropriate and nurturing implements to use with adults with dementia. And these dolls reflect the age and persona of their owners so help with bonding and comfort.”
~ Matthew Janicki, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
Institute of Disability and Human Development
University of Illinois – Chicago

As the elderly begin stages of adult regression and become more childlike in various ways, the grandmotherly figure – embodied in the Aunt Polly dolls – proves to be a great comfort as both friend and confidant.”
~J. Whitt, Resource Coordinator
Greenspring Retirement Community, Virginia

Aunt Polly has a twinkle in her eye, just like my mother had.” ~ M.D., resident
Assisted living facility, Maine

I have my Dear Aunt Polly doll in the den where I can see and enjoy her. In fact, we are watching a favorite program together, me in my recliner and my new housemate in my husband’s swivel desk chair with her arm laying on the chair arm and her feet stretched out in solid comfort. She never takes her eyes off the TV and I can tell by her smile she is enjoying it. Sometimes when I see her smiling face, I catch myself smiling back.”

“It’s nice to have a little presence sitting across the room when I am reading or singing. I’m not the glee club singer I used to be, but if my voice cracks and quavers when I’m singing my mother’s old songs, Aunt Polly will sit and listen anyway.”
~R.M., age 88, widowed
Aging at home, South Carolina

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