These realistic-appearing, 24” older dolls were created to promote intergenerational connections…

dolls-13Aunt Polly and Uncle Pete dolls are beautifully crafted of high quality materials. They have soft, huggable bodies and washable vinyl faces, arms and legs. Their wigs are made of 100% Lincoln Longwool, washed and styled for each doll. (Do not comb or re-style the wigs!)

The dolls were exquisitely crafted in the United States; and their bodies and clothing as well as the Waverly tote bags were all hand-sewn. The dolls are quite durable and were designed to be handed down through generations.

The dolls readily engage seniors in conversation and social interaction. They serve as a prop for family members and caretakers, providers and volunteers looking to connect with elderly relatives and residents. The dolls quickly become a point of reference for eliciting personal stories and emotional expression.

**Not all accessories shown are included in doll sets.**
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